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Principles for Parents
Parents, athletes and coaches must work together for the best possible youth football experience and performance. The following suggestions are meant as general guidelines for parents.
· As a parent, you understand the daily pressures your child faces. We believe that football should be an outlet for fun. Encourage your child and allow them to have a good time.
· Remember that your child learns more from your actions than your words. Practice good sportsmanship by being respectful to players, parents and coaches on both teams.
· There is nothing wrong with applauding a good play made by the opponents. Parents can be good role models by appreciating the efforts made by both teams.
· Most coaches are volunteers and work hard at what they do. To lessen confusion, and out of respect for their position, please allow your child’s coach to be the only one coaching players on the field.
· Please refrain from loud or rude behavior.
· Offer encouragement and positive reinforcement, not criticism, to your  player.
· Encourage discipline by having your child arrive on time for practices and games.
· Belonging to a team requires commitment. Parents can help children understand this through regular attendance and preparation.
· Whenever possible, volunteer. This shows participants the value of being a team player.
· Please respect the officials and their calls. It’s OK to disagree, but inappropriate to disparage.