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The New Canaan Flag Football League is a program managed and run by the New Canaan Recreation Department and volunteer parents.  League rules and guidelines are set by the National Football League (NFL) as part of the NFL Flag program offered throughout the United States.  The New Canaan Flag Football League will offer 5 -age groups programs to New Canaan residents in the Fall .

Grade 2 Division

Players must be entering either grade 2019-2020

Grade 3-4 Division

Grade 5-6 Division

Grade 7-9 Divsion

Grade 10-12 Division    

Players must be entering either grade 10 or grade 12 for the school year of 2018-2019


Pre-Season Player Skill Evaluations
All players must be evaluated for team placement prior to the season start.  We have created a pre-season Flag Football Camp August 12-16 for players to attend.  

Team Draft Selection
The League Supervisor will manage a draft of equal strength teams through special rules and guidelines.  Parents may make requests for team, coach or friend assignments no guarantees.

Player Attendance
Because of the highly technical process of determining balanced team rosters, it is expected players will maintain this program as 'first priority" when scheduling among the other fall activities.  Your team will be at a clear disadvantage during the games when you are not present.