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We are excited to get back to The New Canaan Flag Football program this fall season.

We have taken the time to set some safety measures in place for game days to ensure the health and safety of all of our NC Flag Football Program! 

We will be reducing the players from our 7 on 7 format to 5 on 5 during the 2020 season (10 players total from 12 players on a team)


Flag Football Practices and Games
All players are requested to wear gloves.  The quarterback may elect to not use a glove on the throwing hand.
Masks are mandatory unless socially distanced. 7' feet, such as drinking water or needing to catch some fresh air.
Why 7' and not 6' distancing? We are encouraging players to be as safe as possible? Six becomes 5, and so on..
No Mouth guards this year..
Players on the sideline should be at a 7’ distance between each other, we will provide markers for players to stand at.
Coaches should avoid clusters when speaking and wear a mask.
Water bottles cannot be shared Water Up, one bottle may not be enough 
Officials must wear a mask at all times.  Use social distancing during pre-game meetings.
Officials will disinfect game balls during the game.
We will also disinfecting players flags during the game and after.
Keep Player belongings separate.
Notify your coach or manager immediately if a player becomes ill for any reason.
Do NOT engage in handshaking, hugs, high fives, during training or games.
No Parents on the field only 2 coaches.
Stay at home if sick.
Reinforce handwashing and/or use of hand sanitizer.
NO spitting; encourage covering for coughs and sneezes.
Masks are to be worn by all spectators entering the field.
We all must be mindful of one another and work together to follow the guidelines to ensure the safety of all those who attend practices and games.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need clarification on the guidelines. 



For all NCFFL league related questions, please contact Steve Dayton  

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